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About Takoda

So Nice to See you!

Takoda guarantees cool products, timeless, durable and functional, to improve your life for the better and more positive.

Takoda Tiger Hoogvliet


Takoda ® is an officially registered, recognized brand in the Benelux.

The focus is as much as we can for the long term to be sustainable, recyclable and natural materials. Products with a story, also to support the small businesses. By going for handicrafts and a good feeling. To brighten up your home, office or other space. To dress yourself nice. We like to do everything with heart.

Where we keep our word and think along with the customer. Products that we can fully support. Service by really delivering what the customer asks for. Easy to order online on the internet and deliver as quickly as possible. Everything is negotiable and can be arranged. Always open to suggestions and new ideas.

The inspiration is the world, we take everything that inspires us to our platform as an outlet. All are welcome and we truly hope to improve your life with high quality products.

Founded in 2013, it has endured multiple transformations. Takoda guarantees an umbrella under which we operate with our creativity. E-Commerce, Trade, Investments, Charities, Entertainment, Architecture and the Hospitality Industry are just a few of the things we care about. Great and Useful, which really benefits you. There is already plenty of junk and that does not add anything to the earth. Stand for everything that is green, sustainable, timeless, Super and fantastic, which everyone can be part of. Want to lose our eggs wherever we can. A platform where we now offer cool products with room for growth as long as it maintains our values ​​that we consider important. Everything for a better world, to improve other people's lives for the better, and we are different in that. For the love we have for doing the best we can, that everyone can benefit from and really use as a means to achieve what you want in your life to make your dreams come true.

Now we sell our own products online.