About Takoda

So Nice to See you!

Takoda is a mens clothing & jewelry brand from shirts to socks.

All our Takoda products, are all our own brand creation, so you will find ours nowhere else.
To be unique, to be yourself

Timeless, durable and functional, to make a positive difference in your life

Many is done by hand with craftmanship, eye for detail, love for art, natural materials and with a sustainable aspect to it.

Takoda Tiger Hoogvliet


Takoda ® is an officially registered, recognized trademark in the Benelux.

Takoda means everyone's friend, officially founded in 2013.

The focus is ahead of the long term as much as possible. As much as possible sustainable and circular . Recycling and natural materials . Products with a story that feel good and help you with that. With love for handmade and craftmanship. Dress yourself up nicely, combine styles that bring out a good feeling and evoke a positive emotion.

An extension of yourself, in which you can really be the best version of yourself, a solution and product for all daily situations.

Where we keep our word and think along with the customer.

Products that we can fully support.

Service by actually delivering what the customer asks for and the way in which.

Easy to order online on the internet and deliver as quickly as possible.

Adjust to the situation. Everything is negotiable and can be arranged. Always open to new suggestions and ideas.

Go for a win-win, fair trade . Where we in turn put everything back and give it where it does justice.

The inspiration is the world. Everyone is welcome and we truly hope to improve your life with high quality products that really benefit you.

Great and useful, we keep the planet in mind.