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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we give all the answers to your pressing questions

  • What are the payment methods?
    iDeal, PayPal, Sofort Banking, Bancontact, ING HomePay, Credit Cards, Maestro, VISO, AMEX, normal bank transfer
  • What are the delivery times?
    Ordered before 17:00 is sent the same day and you have it in most cases already in the house the next day, provided otherwise indicated with your product.
  • What are the shipping costs?
  • Where are you sending from?
    From Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • What is the quality?
    We go for the best quality, preferably natural materials and sustainable
  • Why Takoda?
    Love to stand for something, under which we can express our creativity, in this case that the platform Takoda, with its own unique cool products or from others, as long as it is as top as possible
  • What's your motivation?
    Handmade, eye for detail and craft we like
  • What about the service?
    To make a difference, we really want to take care of what the customer wants, from a to
  • Are you international?
    Our webshop exists in 7 languages, so yes you can order us online anywhere
  • Do you have a physical store?
    No now only online
  • Do you have a visiting address?
    Now only an office
  • Who are you?
    Still Alain Stout as founder and owner, open to expansion, have not yet found suitable people who share the dream so far
  • How long have you been around?
    Started with websites and trading around 2000, web shop 2014, Takoda 2015
  • Dropshipping?
    We do not dropships ourselves, you can always sell our products, contact: info@gotakoda.com
  • Can we return?
    Yes, always a return warranty. Although we do recommend doing good research before you order. We are 100% behind our product and open to input.