Frequently Asked Questions

Here we give all the answers

    • Can we book direct?
      Yes just send us an email at: whatsapp: +31681276072 or call the Host in Hoogvliet: +31639377659
    • Who are you guys?
      We provide an apartment in Hoogvliet Rotterdam & Salou Catalonia, thereby we sell merchant and create media.
    • Where are you stationed?
      In Hoogvliet Rotterdam, Holland & Salou Catalonia, Spain
    • Can we book a room?
      Absolutely, we rent out rooms and 1 whole apartment in Hoogvliet.
    • Are the standards high?
      Yes, we always go for best possible quality
    • Why should we book with you?
      Because we really want to provide above expectations anytime
    • Where can I get the keys?
      With stays longer than 1 night we arrange a personal host for you or else you can pick the keys up.
    • Is there a reception?
      No we do not have a 24-hour reception at the time that we are an apartment, not a hotel.
    • What about payments?
      Payments can be made via a simple link, cash or from credit card via our pinmobile in Spain.
    • What are the check-in and check-out times?
      Basically check-in = between 15:00 and 22:00 and checking out until 10:00 to Hoogvliet and 12:00 in Salou
    • Is it private?
      If you rent the whole apartment in Hoogvliet, you have total privacy, all for you. When you only rent a private room, then you share the other facilities with 2 other rooms.
      In Salou you have a room and the other facilities are shared with 2 other rooms.